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houseofhearts's Journal

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yo, im shaquana, your friendly mod and creator of this comunity.
this community is for lonely hearts who are sex deprived and also love candy and puppy dogs. ummm and ZoMg ItS a RaTiNgS CoMm yA gOttA b HaWt To B a MeMbErrrr
oh and also we iz pro ana here, we luv da ana goddess. and princess mia is also held in high regard, as is prince eddy. ZOMG hardcore controversy, deal with it! mental diseases are a lifestyle, as are physical ones, boo yea a shoutout to EMPEROR LUPUS! i asked him to invade my body and kindly he said yes, ahh so lucky am i.
we are also prodrugz &&& proselfharm, kk.
if ya cant handle the heat, leave da fire CUNTS.
amphetamines, ana, bad gramma, cheese, diet pills, drugs, glowsticks, lesbian porn stars, mia, misspeelling, mmmm yummy wummys, no caps aloud, no penises aloud, sex, sexual exploration via webcam, touching poop, vaginas, zomg, zzzzzetczzzzzz